«Nightwind performance»

Under konferansen kan man oppleve Hector Artistizabals «Nightwind performance», et brutalt ærlig og levende stykke om Hectors opplevelser med tortur.

The program begins with a 30-minute performance based on Hector Aristizábal’s true story of being arrested and tortured by the US-supported military in Colombia. After his release, he witnessed the killings of many of his friends. In exile in the United States, his taxes fund the war in Iraq including torture at Abu Ghraib and the continued bloodshed in his country. In 1999, when Aristizábal’s brother was abducted and killed by the paramilitary, his own rage and desire for violent revenge was awakened–what he calls “the terrorist within.” Inspired by his own young children, he finds ways to re-channel this terroristic energy into constructive action.

Se intervju med Hector Artistizabal på youtube

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